Stunning Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Uplink Mode Gameplay

call of duty advanced warfare

This year’s Call of Duty game may be the best one yet. Which is pretty good because fans have been clamouring for a good CoD game since Black Ops 2. Most of them usually wait for Treyarch’s installment but since Sledgehammer Games have had 3 years to build this game, they may actually outdo Treyarch.

This footage is of Uplink Mode where you have to grab the ball and throw it in a specific area to score points. When you hold the ball you won’t be able to fire your gun so that makes the gameplay a bit interesting since you could throw it at a pursuer and then shoot him because he can’t fire back.

Check out the video below. The game comes out sometime in November for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. (Thanks, VideogamerTV)

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