Steam Monthly Active Users Count Is Right Behind PSN

Steam has been going from strength to strength since the past few years with recurrent user activity increasing exponentially every year but now it is almost close to another milestone. It is right behind PSN in the monthly active user count with 67 million compared to 70 million of PSN.

It’s a great achievement considering the PC is an open platform with multiple players and Valve has managed to corner the market by offering a great digital distribution platform. The PC market overall is obviously bigger than PSN or Xbox Live which has 53 million monthly active users.

It has to be noted that these are not total users on the network and it should likely be around 120 million for both Steam and PSN. You can obviously create multiple accounts on PSN and buy things from the store which can inflate the total user count. However, PSN being a paid service is far more impressive than steam based on the stats alone.

Steam had 14 million concurrent users in 2017 compared to 8.4 million in 2015. It had 12 million concurrent users in 2015.

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