Steam hits 6 million concurrent users

The latest stats for Steam are quite impressive.

It looks like Valve’s digital distribution service is going from strength to strength, as the latest numbers now show 6 million concurrent users online.

It’s a fine achievement for the service as Valve has tried to bring more and more enhancements like big picture mode to bring in more users.

Valve has stayed honest with how they do business and have made the service more accessible for people of all countries, while bringing in more gamers by offering good deals and maintaining the community spirit. They have also added a bunch of new publishers to their portfolio increasing the amount of games found on the service.

They have introduced the badges system and have also tried to make plenty of users interact with the service by adding an updated community tab, which not only gives a lot of information about the game but also provides a hub for new games.

You can check out the stats below.


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