Steam Gets 60,000 Refund Requests Per Day – Steam Support

Steam has one of the best customer focused game refund services that we’ve known so far. You can refund a game within two hours of play which also acts as a demo.

However, it also seems like the service is being abused as it has come to our knowledge that Steam Support gets 60,000 requests per day. Now the sales are quite higher than that obviously but it looks like a huge number.

There are many digital distribution services on the PC and Steam is the most popular one out of them. The vast collection of games and things like refunds makes it convenient for gamers to stick to Steam. Valve may consider to tweak their refund policy to reduce the amount of requests it gets but since they have an automated system in place, I guess it doesn’t really matter now.

If the per day figure is 60,000 then they probably process millions of refund requests per month. Last year the service had 12 million concurrent users.