Steam down worldwide, People Locked off their Games Offline

Gamers looking to play some games on Steam will be shocked to know that Valve’s digital distribution service is down after many years. So naturally this could be some serious thing we don’t know about.

Christmas holidays are coming soon so they might be updating the store or maybe it was attacked by hackers, we can’t really say for now. Upon checking the site where it shows whether a service is down or not, it says Steam is down worldwide.

Most Valve employees might be probably on a holiday so this could be a headache for them but it might also not be something big. The reason people are worried because Steam usually does not go down and is a solid service.

Even the developer backend is down according to some game developers. People are reporting that they have been locked off their games offline, and while that shouldn’t happen, Valve hasn’t fixed the problem yet.

Steam has millions of people playing concurrently at a time and it is a big service. Hopefully it comes online soon. We will keep you updated.

  • Daretoh

    Bob in accounting was working overtime and flipped the main breaker to turn off the lights before he left.

    Nothing to see here…but sure is generating a lot of news coverage and a little frightening if this is malicious and not a publicity stunt.