Star Citizen in-game footage and space fight showcased (PAX East 2014)

star citizen

Star Citizen is the most crowd-funded game ever to exist and it does look like all that money went in the right places. We have some new videos from PAX East which shows in-game footage and dogfights.

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  • chongo

    Disappointment. The scale is all wrong, feels small. The flight I guess is Newtonian but it doesn’t look like it feels like it. The guy playing the game is fairly hilariously incompetent. And I’m worried by the time that they implement all the game’s systems (real AI pathfinding, for one), they’re going to run out of CPU.

  • noone

    looks good but yeah that guy is a terrible pilot, hard to see how it really flies when he won’t roll or pitch half the time, or only spins for 15 seconds.