Square Enix’s new Patent involves a videogame device with touch screens

Square Enix have just patented something weird which involves a lot of touchscreens.

Well it looks like a videogame device but the patent here states that, “The present invention relates to technique to control progress of a video game by displaying an object on a display screen of a display device.”

Here’s the official description of the thing. They say that it is intended for RPGs.

Here’s why they explain why the patent was needed.

However, in the conventional video game processing apparatus, the touch panel is arranged in the display screen provided for displaying a game screen. For this reason, there has been a problem that a player cannot view apart of the game screen when a touch operation is to be carried out. Namely, since the player is requested to touch the display screen with his or her finger in order to carry out the touch operation, the player cannot thus view a part of the game screen when the touch operation is to be carried out.

Further, heretofore, a touch panel is provided only in a display screen that is arranged at a position facing the player when the player holds the video game processing apparatus (that is, a front surface). For this reason, a designer of a video game is required to design the video game so that a player can carry out an operational input comfortably in accordance with a position of such a touch panel. Thus, there has been a problem that a video game intuitively operable by a player cannot be provided in some circumstances.

That will definitely take some time and multiple reads to understand but it’s a device that’s supposed to improve the overall RPG experience for players.