Square Enix Backtracks, Final Fantasy XV demo release date uncertain

final fantasy xv promo art

Excited to play the Final Fantasy XV demo for the PS4 and Xbox One? Well, we are not sure when you will get to do that because Square Enix has backtracked and has now revealed that the demo playable date has actually not been announced.

Earlier they said you will be able to play the demo in six months time from now which meant that the demo will be playable along with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD when it releases on March 20th in Europe.

However, now they’re saying:

The release date of the Final Fantasy XV Demo has not been confirmed and we will announce more details closer to the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

That’s extremely disappointing since you know how annoying it is to wait for Square Enix to announce a release date for a game. One thing is for sure, though, we can expect the demo to be playable sometime in 2015.

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