Spiderman Is Not Coming to Xbox One – Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games and Marvel are bringing Spiderman to the PS4 and have shown a bunch of trailers so far. The game looks pretty good and some Xbox fans have been wondering whether the game is coming to the Xbox One.

Well, the developer has bluntly revealed on Twitter that it is “never” coming to the Xbox One.

The game is an open-world adventure and features a lot of classic Spider-Man enemies.

It is not a movie tie-in and will be developed by the largest team. The game is funded by Sony and is purely exclusive to the PS4.

It is not an origin story either and Peter Parker is said to be experienced in the game. Expect him to have lot of tricks at his disposal.

Exclusives drives consoles and it’s great to see Sony getting this for the PS4 as it is sure to bring a lot of sales to Sony

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