Soul Sacrifice release date announced, premium edition pictures are glorious

Sony has announced the release date for Soul Sacrifice–it’s brutal action game for the PS Vita.

This is the Japanese release date of course, and it will be available on March 7 next year both at retail and on PSN, priced at 5,980 yen and 4,900 yen on the Playstation Store respectively.

Soul Sacrifice is a brand new action game, on the lines of the Souls games, and it looks pretty good on the Vita. The character has many powers which he has to use by sacrificing his own body parts, don’t worry, they grow back or something.

In the end the action is fantastic and one of the unique titles that the PS Vita really needs right now. Sony has also announced the premium edition for the game which contains all sort of cool things.

It contains the PS Vita Wi-Fi model,  retail copy of Soul Sacrifice, 4GB memory card, cosmic red earbud headset, printer material, original pouch, original cloth, and original strap, and is priced at 29,980 yen.

The game designed by Keiji Inafune promises to be a something that will take advantage of Vita’s strengths. There’s no western release planned yet.