Soul Sacrifice Details: SP is 25 hours long, 300 types of Magic, Good Story, more

Soul Sacrifice is looking to be a terrific game for the Vita and we have fantastic new details on it via Famitsu review.

Famitsu has given it a glorious 10, 9, 9, 9 score , which adds to a 37/40. The game justifies those scores too according to their review details.

They say that the game has over 300 types of magic with a deep crafting system, and it will take you about 25 hours to complete the story on single player. Multiplayer will increase the replay value as well.

The story is actually good and is worth the experience. There is a huge spell variety which can come handy in multiplayer. Team work and role assignment has potential.

The difficulty level is very high but the high speed action is fun and rewarding to learn. Salvation and Sacrifice system adds meaningful choice to the game.

The multiplayer is better than the single player in the fun department. The game is overflowing with originality despite its “hunting” theme.

soul sacrifice cover famitsu