Sony Working on PS4.5, Will Play 4K Games, Enhanced GPU – Report

new ps4 1tb

It looks like consoles will soon go the mobile way where consumers will have a choice to upgrade every two years. Rumours from Microsoft and Sony are that both the companies are working on a stronger version of their current gen consoles.

Kotaku has reported that they spoke to some game developers who were in-touch with Sony and knew about their plans to develop a stronger PS4 which will be able to run 4K games and will feature an enhanced GPU. Considering the PSVR requires a lot of processing power, this rumour seems quite reliable.

However, releasing new consoles every two years will fragment the userbase so it’s not entirely sure how the hardware manufacturers will go with this and retain third-party support.

Of course such a console if in development won’t come out this year but we may see more news next year and hopefully the hardware manufacturers do the right thing.

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