Sony will make 12300 Special Edition PS4s, Images and Video

ps4 special console

Sony has unveiled a special edition PS4 for PlayStation’s 20th anniversary and it looks incredible. It has been modeled after the PS1 and shares the same colour and design.

There are only 12300 consoles being made which is weird because it seems to be really popular. Sony has not made the details of purchasing public but we should know that soon.

We do not know the pricing and other details yet and hopefully Sony will reveal them soon. The console should cost $399 as it is just a cosmetic change and does not add any new cool feature.

You can check out the image and unboxing video below.

ps4 20th anniversary console


  • TheSilentPanda

    held up my 20th anniversary headphones to my ps1 and the color is nowhere near the same. stop messing with these stupid colors and just take my money and give us PSVR already!!!!