Sony Ships 40 Million PS4s, Full FY2015 Results

sony fy2015

Sony have announced that they have shipped 40 million PS4s which is higher than they anticipated. They shipped 2.3 million PS4’s in Q4 2015 which is lowest quarter since the PS4 launched. However, the PS4K rumours and a lack of price drop could have contributed to this.

Their game and network devices profit has doubled since the last FY by around 40 billion Yen. It is one of the best performing groups in Sony right now. Company as a whole saw a revenue decrease by 1% compared to the last FY but that’s kinda insignificant.

The increase in US dollar and decrease in software sales of the PS3 affected the revenue but they still posted a 11.8% increase. PS4 hardware and software sales have increase and is the main contributor to the division’s revenue.

Sony’s operating income or profit has jumped to 294 billion yen from 68 billion yen which represents an increase of 300%. PSN revenue for Sony in FY2015 is more than Nintendo’s entire company revenue for FY 2015.

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