Sony sells 18.5 million PS4s to Consumers

white ps4 destiny

The PS4 is doing really well and Sony has announced that they have sold 18.5 million units to consumers so far. This means the shipped figure should be well over 20 million units.

The last time they announced the figures the PS4 was sitting pretty at 10 million which shows how much impact the console has made during the holidays.

They have also announced that they have sold 81.5 million software units which is a huge jump from 30 million software units they announced last time. There are also 10.6 million PS Plus subscribers out there which has a good revenue potential to Sony.

Recently the company announced PlayStation Now subscription details and you can get it for $15/month.

We do not have the numbers for Xbox One yet but after winning the November NPDs, it looks like they have taken December as well. However, the console is not doing so well worldwide.

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