Sony Santa Monica’s new IP cancellation: Jon Blow criticizes ‘business suits’

god of war ascension

Sony Santa Monica’s new PS4 IP was cancelled by Sony and 50 people were laid off from the studio. The new IP was known as being unique and closely resembling Bungie’s Destiny.

Now presumably the studio is still working on a God of War game, and the last one–Ascension–didn’t really perform all that well at retail. A new IP getting cancelled is always a sad thing and here’s what Braid and The Witness creator had to say about it.

He tweeted some interesting things and put some sense into the business suits who are responsible for making such decisions.

“Game publishers like to talk about how new IPs are scary and risky and usually not worth it,” he said, “but this is clearly poor thinking, because every single megablockbuster franchise, that Mr. Business Suit Guy would rather put the money toward, was once a new IP.

“God of War was once a new IP. Call of Duty was once a new IP. etc, it is so obvious, how does Mr. Business Suit not see this? Maybe next time I meet Mr. Business Suit I will ask him to name an Old IP that was not once a New IP.”

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