Sony Removes Final Fantasy XV 80% Off Pricing Error From PSN

A few hours ago, Final Fantasy XV was around $14 on PSN, down from its $60 price point. Apparently there are a lot of discounts for specific games on PSN right now but this one was an error considering Sony has already removed it in haste.

The offer was supposed to be active until April 6th. If you have got the game and have been billed it is likely that Sony will honour the error or if many people took advantage of this error than Sony may revoke the license and refund the money.

Hopefully they don’t do the latter as I have gotten the deal as well just in time. Final Fantasy XV is a JRPG from Square Enix that was received well from critics and fans. There was also a massive discount for a pack that contains the season pass.

You can’t get that deal now as the store page shows an error. Maybe it will have a 50% discount when it comes back up instead of the previous error. Here’s our review of the game.

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