Sony PS4 sales hit 13.5 million, on Target for 20 million during Holidays

white ps4 destiny

Sony have announced that they have shipped 3.3 million PS4 units this quarter which takes the total to 13.5 million units. They had earlier announced that the sales of the console had reached 10.2 million units and this was sold to consumers and not shipped.

The PS4 may be very well above 14 million right now and this is huge when you compare it to the Xbox One which hasn’t hit 10 million yet.

They have also split the PS4 and PS3 figures, and the PS3 shipped 800k units. PlayStation business sales were up by 84% and it looks like the PS4 will hit 100 million when this gen ends.

The company as a whole posted a loss of $1.2 billion and it was due to their mobile business restructuring.

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