Sony PS4 Pro features Detailed, 1TB HDD, Console Specs Out


Sony has announced the PS4 Pro/Neo which is sort of a overclocked PS4 and is expected to run games at 4K resolution along with added bells and whistles.

The system is not a successor to the PS4 but just something that offers hardcore gamers a chance to use their 4K TVs with HDR. People who own 1080p TVs will see benefits of a stable frame rate as well.

Mark Cerny, the lead PS4 architect, announced that the PS4 Pro will feature a 1TB HDD, an overclocked CPU and a GPU that has more than double power of the one in the PS4.

The console also features HDR support, although, all PS4s are supposed to get HDR through a firmware update.

The specs of the console are out as well. They also confirmed the PS4 Slim console which was leaked earlier.


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