Sony: PS4 Entering Its End Life Cycle

The PS4 has had a good run with fantastic sales and its online network PSN has gone from strength to strength with around 80 million monthly user activity.

There have been talks of a PS5 but nothing is concrete yet. John Kodera of the SIE has revealed that PS4 is entering the last stage of its product life cycle which means there could be 1 or 2 years left before a new model is announced.

The PS4 launched in 2013 and it’s been around 4 years and a product usually lasts 6 years. The PS3 lasted 7 years because the last generation was kind of long.

There have been tons of amazing exclusives on the PS4 and people are no doubt excited to see what the PS5 will be like.

The PS4 has sold around 78 million units so far. The PS3 sold around 90 million units and it has been 10 years. The PS2 holds the record with 150 million units sold. Here’s the PS4 announcement video.

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