Sony Posts $1.15 billion Profit For FY2017 Q2, Ships 4.2 Million PS4

Sony has posted a profit of $1.15 billion this quarter and is projected to post a profit of more than $5 billion for this fiscal year. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has certainly changed the company’s fortunes since it had posted a massive lost ever since the PS3 launched to a small profit after the PS4’s launch.

All their divisions are doing well especially Sony Motion Pictures. This was attributed to the launch of Spider-Man: Homecoming movie which has done well.

Gaming division has been a star with sales up more than 35%. Hardware and software sales have both increased and the exchange rate also favoured the company.

Total revenue for the quarter was 18 billion dollars and operating income was 1.8 billion dollars.

Sony has also shipped 67.5 million PS4 units with 4.2 million shipped in this quarter.

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