Sony Modifies Xbox One X Anthem Footage With PS4 Buttons

Anthem was the biggest game to be revealed at this year’s E3. Developed by BioWare and published by EA, the game does not have a release date yet but has gained a quite a lot of fans thanks to the incredible visuals and gameplay demo that was shown.

The game runs on a native 4K resolution on the Xbox One X although that could change later. Microsoft unveiled the console at E3 which offers 6 teraflops of computational power.

The Anthem gameplay demo which was uploaded on the PlayStation YouTube channel seems to be the Xbox One X version but that’s not all. Sony seems to have modified the Anthem Xbox One X footage with PS4 buttons and that’s quite misleading.

You can see in the video below at that specific timestamp where the shoddy work is visible. This is a pretty terrible thing to do since they could have asked EA for PlayStation footage.

  • Dave

    This happened with to Xbox and was a big deal. But Sony not so much.

    • Deal with it

      Yep. The bias to Sony is real

  • Wei Feng

    This really a big deal?
    Both are checkerboard 4k. And limited 30fps by overclocked netbook CPUs.

    Still more damage on Xbox One X’s claim of the “Uncompromised 4K Experience”
    Still now both both sides get to praise checkerboarding as good enough to be 4K native. Microsoft thinking it’s close enough to be called “true 4k” now and the fans lap it up.

    • Cigi

      Ps4 Pro will not in a million years run as well as on Xbox one x. Eventhough it might be checkerboarding you do not know from what level or if it even has to utilize it on Xbox one x. But what we do know is that 6>4 and 326>218 and 12>8 that are facts. As Well as sony once again caught cheating. As they did before showing Forza as GT footage. Shame on Sony and fanboys accepting this.

      • Sticky Notes

        Is this made up? The game will also be on PS4…. they aren’t making a game just for one system. This is what it will look like more or less.

      • Wei Feng

        Yes, more power to the Xbox One X.
        But as Cerny has stated 8TF minimum for actual 3rd party 4K native.
        Both system are checkerboard. Both Netbook CPU bottlenecked.
        But both can do simple “cut down” 4k native games. Eg FIFA 17/18

        Judging from the 9TF GTX 1080, they have the power that can provide real 4K Native @ 60fps, not just at the “cinematic” 30fps feel of lag. No need to hide behind terms like “True 4K”.

        Shame on Xbox One fans accepting a cut-down weak GPU with DDR3 for Sub HD 720p-900p gaming so they could have the Kinect and TV features first. They still pay for that with 900p games getting salty checkerboard upscales on the xbox One X to True 4K

    • Deal with it

      Wait, taking games from 900p to 4k without compromising visual quality of the game is somehow a lie??

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    The deception from sony needs to stop!