Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and EA Gamescom 2013 Date and Time

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If you are excited for Gamescom then you’ll need to know when the event begins. It’s Europe’s largest trade show and almost equivalent to E3 when it comes to press coverage.

The event will be held from August 21st to August 25th, and we have the date and time for the major publishers who have confirmed to hold a press conference there. The conferences will be held a day before the event begins on August 20.


7pm CET / 6pm BST


Not specific time has been announced but it will be on the same day as Sony.


Ubisoft won’t be holding a Gamescom conference this year.


3pm UK / 4pm CET

We will keep you updated and cover Gamescom right here at Gamechup.

  • Magilla187

    im kind of sad Ubisoft wont be showing any games at the Gamescom this year really was looking forward to seeing if they would show anymore new IP

    • Lord Akki

      They will reveal one new IP. My bet, it’s going to be at SONY’s conference show :)

      • Magilla187

        i hope so, i’d love to see the new Sony IP as well

        • Lord Akki

          I have no doubts about it. SONY will bring more games to gamescom and we will be the winner by the end of it! I’m just happy for more games for my PS4. I’m hoping for them to announce more launch titles!

          • Magilla187

            i do hope as well or at least the first Q1 of next year with inFamous second son, i’d love to see them announce The Last Guardian for the PS4 As well that would be amazing

          • Lord Akki

            Man that’d be a dream come true! But let’s not put our hopes up too high like we did 7 years ago. Have you pre ordered the PS4 too?

          • Magilla187

            Yep i pre ordered the PS4, if they announce the PS4/Vita Bundle I’m going to pre order that as well

          • Lord Akki

            you and me both mate. you and me both. Grrr, the wait for gamescom is killing me!

          • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

            ahah hand they didnt bring sh1t, stupid r3tarded fanboy.

      • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

        quit being an annoying f@ggot. Sony d!ck sucker

  • Rabah Aberkane

    im so psyched its the first time i will be there