Sony finally adds Two-Step Verification To PSN, Your CC is now Safe

two step sony

Sony has added two-step verification to PSN kinda secretively because it went live in all regions. It doesn’t require you to have the latest firmware too.

Go to account management, security and voila you will find two-step verification option there. All you need to do is add your mobile number and input the code you get through SMS.

Everytime you sign in to PSN via the PS4 or web, you will need to input codes that you will get. You can also create backup codes on the Sony Entertainment Network account website which allows you to login if you don’t have your phone with you.

This ensures that people can now safely store their card on PSN without worrying about the information getting stolen.

This two-step verification was a long time coming but it’s now here and you should activate it as soon as possible.

For PS3, PS Vita and PSP, you can generate different codes on the Sony account website and then proceed to use your normal password.

PS4 slim was leaked recently and we have the unboxing video for it as well.

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