Sony dissolves SCEJ and creates SCEJ/A in its place, Kawano president

Sony has made some organizational changes on April 1st (new fiscal year) and SCEJ has been abolished.

Not only that, but Sony Computer Entertainment Asia has also been dissolved, and in its place they have created Sony Computer Entertainment Japan/Asia.

Now most of you may be questioning the timing of this announcement but today is the mark of a new fiscal year so this is completely real, and is a corporate release.

Hiroshi Kawano is the president of SCEJ/A. Here’s the list of changes they’ve done.

– Providing a new strategic planning department.
– New management unit is provided.
– Portion is provided in relation to the new publisher.
– Development of new support portion is provided.
– Publishing a new section is provided first party.
– Quality control unit is provided a new format.
– New product management unit is provided.
– Providing a new loan management unit.
– Japan section is provided a new customer relationship.
– Japan section is provided in the new marketing.
– Providing a new Japan sales department.
– Japan section is provided in the new online service.
– Providing a new Asia Strategy Department.
– Asian Network Planning Department provided new business.

Via Sony corporate release.

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