Sony could afford to price the PS4 at $399 due to lack of camera

The PS4 costs $100 less than the Xbox One which also comes bundled with an advanced Kinect sensor.

ps4 featured 1

The move may have paid off as the company has revised its internal estimates of how much the console will sell. According to IGN’s sources, Sony stealthily removed the camera which helped them shave of $100 off the price and the camera is priced at $60 at retail.

Microsoft may not have expected this and they were surely caught by surprise at E3 where the crowd weren’t fond of the price point, but they did cheer at Sony’s conference.

The controller was built in tandem with the camera and the lack of the camera in every PS4 bundle ensures that the developers may not take it seriously due to the majority of userbase not buying the thing. Why would they? The Move controller never did well so why would this camera. However, the $399 price point will encourage console sales so it’s a good thing after all.