Sony Bend working on Unannounced Action/Adventure PS4 game

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Sony Bend may be working on an unannounced action/adventure PS4 game, according to the Linkedin profile of Rick Stalder, Sr. UI Artist at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Here’s what his profile reads:

Sr. UI Artist
Sony Computer Entertainment America
August 2013 – Present (3 months)

Unannounced Action/Adventure (PS4 ONLY)
Develop the UI style through the development of moodboards.

Since it says PS4 only, they could be working on the next Uncharted game although that’s simply a speculation based on the genre described.

sony bend ps4

What do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via GAF.

  • Simeon

    New IP?

  • iulhliuhiluhliuhiluhilu

    more indies?

    • vajid Ali

      Do you know what ‘indie’ means? Dumb fuck.

  • Heavenly_King


  • andy

    Syphon Filter would be sweet yes.

  • ChaoticAssault31

    Naughty Dog is in charge of the Uncharted series so I doubt that Bend is working on it.

  • G.

    Syphon filter plz