Sony asked Bungie’s feedback on DualShock 4

Bungie COO, Pete Parsons, has revealed that Sony has contacted them to get feedback on PS4’s controller.

It’s a known fact that the PS4 hardware team had visited a lot of studios–internal and third party–to design the DualShock 4, and considering Bungie was contacted too, things are looking good for FPSs on the system.

“Sony’s hardware team was great. They contacted us early in the process to get feedback on the DualShock 4,” Parsons said.

“We make action games, and our feedback was simple. We wanted to make sure that the DS4 really paired up well with Destiny’s gameplay. For us, that meant the controller needed to feel more substantial, and triggers needed to be concave.”

The controller sports a good feel and has reduced lag, which is very much important for first person shooters. It looks like the company has taken all the DualShock 3 criticisms in mind and have designed a controller which accommodates all types of gamers.

Source – GameInformer Issue 242.

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