Some Splinter Cell: Blacklist Gameplay – Liquid Natural Gas Plant Demo

Ubisoft has released a new gameplayvideo for Splinter Cell: Blacklist and it shows a new level called Liquid Natural Gas Plant. In this level you can see Sam who is moving through the plant and needs to stop the gas flow by reaching the control room.

splinter cell blacklist featured

This mission is narrated by Splinter Cell Community Developer Zack Cooper. It is said to be taken place in the later stages of a mission that happens and you can also see a new enemy which is highly armoured. You can take them out from above or behind.

The graphics don’t look too hot but the game is still in development, hopefully it could be polished a bit. The game comes out August 20 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Stay tuned for Gamechup for more news and information.

Check out the video below.