SimCity Source Code Reveals Force Shutdown line, Indefinite Offline Play Possible

Hey remember when EA said that SimCity cannot be playable offline and they would need to redesign the whole game for that?

Well, guess what? Modders have found a line in the source code of the game which forces the user to shutdown the game if it detects that it’s not connected to Maxis servers.

Currently how the game works is that if it detects the user playing the game offline, a 20 minute timer goes live, and if you fail to reconnect to Maxis servers the game will force you to quit.

The timer is set to 20 minutes and if this line is removed you can play offline indefinitely. That is of course unless Maxis sees this and decides to patch it. The game currently cannot be saved during offline play but some modders have said that it is very easy to do that.

These are the two codes. Here’s the full always online source code.

kNoRepeatNetworkAlertSeconds : 15,

kNetDownForceQuitAfterMinutes : 20,

Personally it seems like a very low effort game from Maxis and EA, and their claims of how the game is highly dependent on the servers is being ripped apart from people.

Never before have we seen a video game company blatantly lie to people and press.