Shenmue 3 could be a reality with crowdfunding

Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki has hinted that he wants to revive the Shenmue franchise.

The third game in the series is something the fans have been asking for a long time and as of right now it doesn’t look like it will happen. However, Suzuki has revealed that crowdfunding would be a good way to make it happen.

The first Shenmue game cost $70 million and is also known as one of the best games ever made, so it will be interesting to see how much this project requires.

Sebastien-Abdelhamid, a well-known French journalist tweeted this: Yu Suzuki declares to be thinking about a kickstarter-like model to fund Shenmue 3!”

His another tweet read: “Yu Suzuki would also like to continue the story of Shenmue in anime or manga form.”

yu suzuki shenmue 3

yu suzuki shenmue 3 3

This is from an interview that they have done with the Shenmue creator, and we are waiting for some more information to come out of that.