Sekiro is one of the greatest games ever Made

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a very hard game. It is even harder than the Souls games made by developer From Software. However, it is not an RPG like the Souls games.

It is an action game that requires you to focus a lot to succeed. Every enemy can kill you in the game since you are very vulnerable to attacks. The key concept of the game is to deflect and block attacks and then strike back. That requires timing and learning enemy movements.

A lot of people have asked for an easy mode to the game and I think that’s a really bad decision if they implement it. You will die a lot to the bosses but that’s part of the fun and it makes you a better player.

Sekiro is one of the few games in the industry that is so difficult and challenging but also incredibly well made with a fluid combat. It says a lot about the developer From Software that they can make such games with such ease.

We need more games like Sekiro. Many developers have lost the idea of what made video games so great. We see a mechanical focus on microtransactions and safe game design along with addictive mechanics to lure players. In the midst of that Sekiro is a gem that will give hardcore gamers something they must sorely miss admist all the crap put out by other developers.

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