Sega Sues Level 5 for Patent infringement, seeking 900 million yen in damages

Sega has sued Level-5 for infringing on their patents.

Now this is something you hear companies do regularly, and for absurd reasons. This one looks to be a bit major since they are seeking to halt sales and also 900 million yen in damages, that is approximately $11 million.

Level-5 is not a big company so this is something that they would really take seriously. Sega is also seeking disposal of all 8 Inazuma Eleven titles which brings in a bit of revenue for the company.

Level-5 has said that they will challenge this and present a counter case. The first oral proceedings will be held on December 7.

According to a rough translation, this is the reason for them suing Level-5.

“A mechanism to manipulate the characters by touching the screen with your finger or pen.” Sega is claiming that “two patents acquired by the company has been compromised”.

It’s really trivial for something to sue over, but that’s how these things work I guess. Level 5 responded by saying “we will prepare a rebuttal,” but declined to comment further.

Stay tuned for more information.

  • Momo

    ¥900 million is about $10 million. It’s still a pretty high sum, and presumably Level-5 can’t afford such a fee… but it would be pretty crazy if Sega were actually seeking for $100 million damages!

    • Eccentricone


      • Heath_Hindman is a currency conversion site. It says 900 million yen is 10,915,336.96. Closer to 11 million, like the article says. You’re fine.

  • Johnny Rider

    “A mechanism to manipulate the characters by touching the screen with your finger or pen” How the hell can they sue over that? In fact how can they patent that? If that line describes what Sega patented then Sega shouldn’t get any money. There are a lot of DS games where characters can be manipulated by touching the screen with your finger or pen. Have they never played Animal Crossing Wild World?