Scorpio Has 12GB GDDR5 RAM, Processor Improved by 30%

We have the specs information for Microsoft Scorpio thanks to Digital Foundry. The console was known to provide 6 teraflops of power back in 2016 but we actually have the information on how Microsoft have done it.

First of all, the RAM has been upgraded to 12GB and it’s actually GDDR5 which is one of the fast versions of RAM available in the market. The memory bandwidth is also much faster than the PS4 Pro at 326GB/s to 218GB/s.

The Jaguar processor has been updated and the clock speed has been improved by 30% to 2.3 GHZ compared to 1.75GHZ of the Xbox One.

There are also 40 compute units in the GPU which doesn’t sound a lot compared to the Pro which has 36 compute units but it runs at a very high frequency.

You can watch the entire video below. Richard Leadbetter does a great job at explaining the specs of the console.