Satoru Iwata talks about Wii U third party support

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NPD June 2013 results are out and the Wii U hardware didn’t even crack 50k units. That’s appalling for a next-gen system. The issue due to that is the third party publishers don’t really take the system seriously.

We’ve known that the software support for the Wii U from the third-parties have been abysmal so far, but what can be done to change it? Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has explained the situation in an interview with The Guardian.

“Now that Wii U has lost momentum in the first half of this year, it must be true that some of the third-party publishers and developers have made a weaker decision in terms of supporting it,” he said.

“However, now that we are offering to the world a strong software line-up, we are expecting Wii U hardware to regain its momentum. And regaining the Wii U’s momentum must be the really big factor for us to encourage third-party publishers and developers to support it.

“At the same time, even though some of the developers and publishers are thinking twice about supporting the Wii U, it isn’t everybody. The fact of the matter is that some of the third-party groups are strongly supporting it. And in addition to regaining the momentum of the Wii U hardware itself, what we really need to do is to establish successful examples of third-party Wii U titles.”

This holiday season will be vital. Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles will be out this year, and the Wii U does not seem to be in a good position to compete against them.

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