Satoru Iwata Comments on Wii U and 3DS Region Locking

The PS4 and Xbox One aren’t region locked however the Wii U and 3DS are. Nintendo seems to be a proponent of region locking and they have also justified it.

nintendo wii u

After Microsoft changed its tune with the Xbox One DRM reversal, people are hoping that Nintendo would do the same but Satoru Iwata, president of the company, has again emphasized the importance of region locking.

One thing to note is that, his comments were before Microsoft announced the DRM reversal.

“From some people’s perspective, it might seem like a kind of restriction. However, we hope people can appreciate the fact that we’re selling our products worldwide,” he said to IGN.

“There are many different regions around the world, and each region has its own cultural acceptance and legal restrictions, as well as different age ratings. There are always things that we’re required to do in each different region, which may go counter to the idea that players around the world want the freedom to play whatever they want.

“I hope that game fans can understand that the industry isn’t doing this solely out of business ego. There are some reasons behind it.”

Well if Sony and Microsoft can offer region free consoles, Nintendo can do the same but do they want to? Stay tuned to Gamechup for more news and information.

Via IGN.

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