Satoru Iwata becomes Nintendo of America CEO

Tatsumi Kimishima, who is the current CEO of Nintendo of America, has been promoted to managing director and will head back to Nintendo headquarters in Japan.

Additionally, he will also be assuming  of general manager of Corporate Analysis and Administration, and general manager of the General Affairs Division.

Due to his departure, current Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, assumes the role of Nintendo of America CEO, and Reggie Fils-Aime will still be the president and COO of NOA, and now he will be reporting to Iwata. That shouldn’t be too hard now for him, right?

One major benefit of this move is that it “will support the company’s unified global strategy, allow streamlined decision making and enhance Nintendo’s organizational agility in the current competitive environment.”

Personally it would be nice if more Japanese games head to America without significant delays.


    Nintendo have assets of over 9 billion, with currency fluctuations they have managed to make a profit this year of 40 million, despite all the doom and gloom. Once E3 comes along and people see Mario Kart and new 3D Mario and Smash Bros for Wii U, all the doom and gloom around Wii U will disperse.

    Nintendo have a plan, it involves releasing big hitters at the right time, it worked with 3DS, and it will work with Wii U. Nintendo are saving the big guns for when Sony and MS show of their new hardware. It’s great games that make a console, nothing else. Specs mean nothing without the games to back it up, and Nintendo are gearing up to blow people away with games from Retro and the many in house studios they have working on Wii U games.

    Gamers have no patience, they think if you don’t see instant results then it’s game over, but they no nothing about having a game plan, Nintendo are waiting for the right moment to drop bombs for Wii U. At E3 they are going to shut people up.

    • whatever

      Problem is their “big hitters” are rehashes of old games.

      • Erik R

        oh and all the big hitters on other systems are not sequels or the same old cod, battlefield, infamous, gow, halo,ff, nhl, nba, nfl, exct… the list goes on and on and on…..

        • Ana Helušić

          erik you are an idiot

  • PatcherStation

    Nintendo wasn’t going to sack him, so they sent him over to the US. The 3DS launch was a disaster, the same happened with the Wii U, you could also mention the GameCube which triggered Nintendo troubles. Can’t say games have been falling like rain, more so on the Wii U. Nintendo seems to be obsessed with the same old franchises, remakes on the 3DS and Virtual Console games. I can’t see how Nintendo are going to change, but the Wii U will suffer when the Xbox 720 and PS4 come along.