Saints Row: Gat out of Hell coming in 2015, First Details

saints row 4 gat out of hell

Deep Silver and Volition have announced an expansion pack for Saints Row 4 at their PAX Prime panel. It’s called Gat out of Hell, and as you can probably assume, you play as Johnny Gat.

There’s a two player co-op as well. The pack takes you straight to hell where your main objective is to rescue the president of the United States. Confused? Play Saints Row 4.

The game is supposed to be 50% the size of Steelport and has unique weapons that suits the setting.

They have also announced Saints Row 4: Re-Elected Edition which contains the expansion pack and you can import your PS3/Xbox 360 saves as well.

You can watch the trailer below. It looks really fun. The game will be released on January 27th in the US and on January 30th everywhere else.