Saints Row 4 Independence Day Trailer is quite humorous

Deep Silver has released a new trailer for Saints Row 4 and as expected the game features a lot of humorous writing. It will be released later this year on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

saints row 4 featured

It features aliens, and yeah you as the president of the United States and the former head of the Third Street Saints, have to save the world from these bad guys. You have access to powerful weaponry and also can use a mech. That’s right, and it also contains a dubstep gun.

The trailer features a lot of action and things that you would normally expect from a Saints Row game. Stay tuned to more news and information at Gamechup.

Check out the video below. So what do you think of it? Isn’t it hilarious? GTA 5 comes out on September so this game should give a solid competition to it.