Saints Row: The Third sold 5.5 million before THQ Bundle

THQ president Jason Rubin has revealed the sales figures for Saints Row: The Third, and it had sold 5.5 million units before the Humble THQ Bundle went live.

These figures are very good and also surprising since very few people thought it would sell this well, and considering THQ hasn’t really released proper numbers for the series before, it’s good to see well made games such as these getting the commercial success they deserve.

Rubin tweeted that, “5.5 million people (pre Humble Bundle) can’t be wrong. Saints Row was the hit nobody realized was a hit!”

Well that’s certainly understandable, but it’s nice to know they have a solid franchise in their arsenal. They had already confirmed that Saints Row 4 is in development, so now it’s time to wait for that!

saints row the third

Voilition should be pretty pleased with these sales, however, THQ is going through a rough patch right now with their stock value being far lower than what it was when this game came out. Let’s hope their financial situation improves so that they can churn out great games.