Xbox One: Ryse’s Combat Detailed – Button Mashing to Victory

Crytek’s Ryse which is a launch title for the Xbox One has been in the news lately for having a combat system that can’t be seen as innovative or even challenging for gamers.

ryse featured

It contains a lot of QTEs and the whole game revolves on how you master them. Higher difficulties don’t show you the QTE prompts so you have to learn how the main protagonist Marius moves and time your button presses accordingly.

In a new interview with Gamereactor, the combat was detailed a bit more:

“We have this concept we call mashing to mastery. The idea is that anyone can play it and they can mash the buttons and fight, but if you get the right timing you’re able to actually master it. Master the reaction you get out of the AI.

You worked on the AI, you get them to this executable state and you execute them and we’re like: “Why does it have to stop there?” “Why do I have to stop and watch this movie play out?”. Because we’ve all played games that have executions and like 30 minutes into them you’re like “Really, I smash this guys head, then I stab then I kick him.” So we’re like, well, let’s continue the flow, let’s make it open up a window and let’s give guys who want to spend time learning it more of a reward bonus.”

The Xbox One will be released this holiday season for $499 and in 21 countries across the world. Microsoft thinks the price is justified too.

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