Rockstar Teases Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters In a New Artwork


Rockstar Games officially teased Red Dead Redemption 2 or RDR 2 or whatever they are gonna call it on their social media. The entire internet was abuzz with hype as the tweet received a large amount of retweets in a short time.

While they didn’t say anything it’s clear that it’s the sequel to Red Dead Redemption made by Rockstar San Diego. Today, they released a new artwork that shows the main characters of the game and they are seven in total. Obviously this is just speculation at this point but it has to be the main characters of the story mode.

Maybe we will see a trailer soon and more information on the game should be revealed. The game was apparently in development since 2012 at Rockstar San Diego and the release date could be around 2018 or this year.

We will keep you updated, tell us what you think in the comments section below.