Rockstar reveals why GTA 5 preorders are not available on Xbox Live

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Rockstar Games has revealed why Xbox 360 won’t be receiving GTA 5 preorders and it’s due to how the entire Games on Demand is set up. PS3 fans all over the world can now preorder GTA 5 on PSN and as we reported earlier it’s an 18 GB download.

“For those asking about digital pre-orders on Xbox LIVE, the Xbox 360 Games on Demand service does not offer the ability to pre-order games or make them available on launch day,” a comment on their official page read.

“That being said, we will be making GTAV available via Games on Demand as soon as it’s technically feasible and permitted by Microsoft.”

gta 5 preorders xbox live

Rockstar will be putting up the game on Games on Demand as soon as they are given the go ahead by Microsoft. We will keep you updated once we hear more on this.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    This isn’t surprising given Microsoft won’t start really embracing Day One digital purchases until they release Xbox One later this year.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    360 Meh

  • Pudders

    Why would you pre order a digital download??.. surely it is always available and won’t run out of stock! Unless there is some additional bonus.

    • Dizzyl3mon

      There are bonus vehicles for use in-game if you pre-order but I have an Xbox 360. Maybe I will get my turn when they release the PS4 version.

  • Steve

    Way to suck dick Microsoft

  • Chrome262

    You actually can do it through microsoft’s, they send you to the explorer app, but yeah you get the digital copy later, they haven’t said when.

  • LaRoch

    Seriously though. Xbox fans got all their panties twisted when it was originally announced that the Xbox 1 would not use discs at all. I know there are many reasons for this but if you want to train the users to go this route, start by releasing the digital copy a week in advance of the disc. Simple… perhaps too simple.

  • Drewbie

    Geuss why i’m getting a PS4
    – Better hardware
    – more focuse on gamers and much more lenient policys
    – No spying camera 24/7

    • Safer1979

      jajajajaja Yeah sure champion