Rockstar North’s Leslie Benzies excited about next-gen

GTA 5 underwater, sunset, diving 6

GTA 5 has just come out and has become a massive critical and commercial success. It’s highly probable that the next GTA, presumably GTA 6, will be released on the next-gen consoles.

Rockstar North’s president Leslie Benzies has revealed that he is excited about next-gen technology in an interview with Develop.

He believes that developers getting more power is a brilliant thing. However, while the studio has some ideas for GTA 6, Benzies believes GTA 5 is a next-gen game on current gen consoles.

“I am excited about next-gen, the more power you get as a developer is brilliant,” he revealed.

“But we’re doing this. V is our focus. And to me GTA V looks next-gen. We’ve pushed this as far as it will go – it won’t give you any more. Our game is a ‘next-gen’ title on current gen.”

Well, that’s arguable, but GTA 5 definitely is a technical showcase and a fitting end to what was a fantastic generation filled with amazing games.

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  • Jack Slater

    I think rockstar is simply waiting to see how many ps4/xbox one will sell these next months, and by march/April, they will announce gta5 with a couple of extra missions, for a November/December 2014 release.
    But by releasing gta5 on next gen, what will they do with gta6? If they already use 80-90% of next gen power, they will need to spend years optimizing gta6 in order to max out the systems. Maybe they will only release gta6 by 2015, when there are +50 million next gen consoles sold.