Robin Antonick Wins $11 million From EA Lawsuit, Details Arise

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EA has been served a defeat in the lawsuit with Madden programmer Robin Antonick. His source code was found in many Madden games and that has resulted in him getting $11 million.

He had originally sued EA in 2011 stating that he should be paid royalties on the games he developed and the games arising out of it. The jury decided that games published by EA from 1990 to 1996 were similar to what Antonick had created and awarded him the money.

“This is a tremendous victory. In many ways, this trial was a test of each party’s version of events. “The jury uniformly rejected the idea that this game was developed without Robin’s work.  It is, if nothing, a good omen for the next phase of the litigation,” one of Antonick’s lawyers Rob Carey revealed.

The current money awarded is nothing to EA considering they are a multi billion corporation but Antonick can cause a lot more damage if he files another suit for games released from 1997.