Road to PS4: Cerny to talk Live at GameLab, Watch It Here

Mark Cerny is going to talk at GameLab Expo in Barcelona and he will be revealing the secrets behind the PS4.

mark cerny ps4

We have the livestream below which begins in an hour. He is the main architect of the console and considering his talk at the PS4 reveal event was really informative, we could be getting a lot of new information here from him.

The stream starts at  11am BST / 12pm CET. He also revealed some new details on Knack and why it appeals to certain section of gamers. The PS4 will be released later this year for $399.

The information revealed at this Expo will be later up on Gamechup, so stay tuned. The conference will begin soon and should be highly interesting considering Cerny’s pedigree. We may get some more idea about his game Knack which is a launch title for the system.

Check out the livestream below.

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