Rise of Iron is the Next Destiny Expansion, Coming Late 2016

destiny rise of iron

Looks like we have the name for the next Destiny expansion called Rise of Iron. Marketing materials were leaked on Reddit.

The image shows Lord Saladin looking alpha as usual with a flaming axe and surrounded by wolves. Now you may think this could be some PvP related stuff like Iron Banner but we could be seeing Bungie fleshing out the backstory and maybe something related to the Battle of Twilight Gap.

It seems to be a Fallen themed expansion. There will be a raid and possibly a lot of new PvP modes. More information should be revealed at E3 at Sony conference possibly.

Destiny 2 will be released next year and it was originally scheduled for September 2016 but this expansion Rise of Iron will take its place.

We don’t know the pricing for the expansion but considering the previous ones we can expect this to be $40.

Here’s our review for The Taken King expansion. Hopefully, Bungie can rejuvenate the community again with this new expansion but they have a lot of work to do.

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