Rift Crystals have more uses in Dark Arisen, new screenshots

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen expansion pack is set to release in April, and we have some new information on the game.

Rift Crystals were very rare in the first game where only a pawn could accumulate them for you, but that’s not the same in Dark Arisen, because it has been expanded and does a lot more things.

You will be able to find it more commonly in Bitterblack Isle–the new setting for the game. They can be obtained by defeating foes or scourging treasure chests or you may even be able to find them openly.

There are also unlit torches in the game which can be lit using the Rift Crystals. The torches also help in subduing the enemies using their holy rays.

There will be Rift Stones in the game which if you remember could be used to hire new pawns in the original game, well, in the expansion some of these stones could be broken and you can repair them using the Rift Crystals.

Capcom has also released some new screenshots of the game.