Resident Evil HD announced for PS4, Xbox One; First Screenshots and Details

resident evil ps4

Capcom has announced Resident Evil HD, which upgrades the first Resident Evil game to next-gen, giving it 1080p 30 fps technical capability. This is a digital only title and will be released on the next-gen consoles in early 2015.

The current gen versions will be released in Japan on November 27th.

Here’s the official description from Capcom:

Not only will the graphics impress but the tense sound effects have been fully remastered with 5.1 surround support for a greater gaming atmosphere. Players are now able to choose not only between experiencing the terror at the classic 4:3 ratio or a stunning 16:9 widescreen mode but also the type of control scheme they play with.

Players also have the option of choosing from the classic control scheme or “an alternative scheme where the character moves directly in the direction of the analogue stick, utilizing the standards of current gen of gaming.”

The game will let players experience an old school Resident Evil game and many fans will be no doubt be happy to play this on their next-gen systems.

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