‘Resident Evil 7: The War Ends Now’ Could be a PS4 and Xbox 720 game

A Resident Evil 7 poster has been circulating in the net and it looks legit.

Take this with a rumour for now but it looks like Capcom has been planning to reveal at new Resident Evil game at E3 2013 this year. Could this be a next-gen Resident Evil, to be released on PS4 and Xbox 720?

Resident Evil 6 was released this year to some hammering by critics but managed to sell decently. The poster has a tag line too which says “The War Ends Now”. What could this mean? Will Leon be back to the game or is this something entirely different story-wise?

Of course there’s a possibility that this poster could be fake but considering it’s so close to E3 2013, there isn’t a better time for Capcom to reveal their next survival horror game, and that too on the next-gen platforms and make a big splash. They will be no doubt looking to change the critical reception this time around, and if this does turn out to be reveal, we will keep you updated.

Check out the poster below.

resident evil 7 war ends now poster

  • Zabuzyson